Family Mediation Voucher Scheme

20th November 2023

Helping Separated Parents Find Solutions and Access a £500 Voucher

Are you going through a separation or divorce and need to resolve issues related to your children? Would a parenting plan between you and your ex-partner help you manage your child arrangements more efficiently and amicably? If so, you may be eligible for a £500 voucher from the family mediation voucher scheme, launched by the Ministry of Justice back in 2021.

SF&MS is a leading provider of family mediation services in the UK. We have a team of experienced and accredited mediators who can help you with any aspect of your family dispute. We can apply on your behalf for a £500 voucher from the Ministry of Justice, which will cover the cost of one full mediation session and some of the cost of another one. This means you can access mediation at a very low or no cost, depending on your circumstances.

The voucher is not means tested, and the only criteria for eligibility is that you are discussing child arrangements in mediation. If you are eligible for legal aid, it is likely that legal aid will work out cheaper for you. If the other party is not eligible for legal aid, then we can still apply for a voucher to help with their costs, so that both of you are supported in the mediation costs.

The £500 voucher scheme is part of the government’s initiative to promote mediation as a better alternative to court for resolving family issues. The scheme is available for a limited time and only for cases involving children. You can also read this article from the Independent which explains how and why the Ministry of Justice is keen to promote mediation for families.

If you are interested in applying for a £500 voucher for family mediation, please contact us today. We will assess your suitability for mediation, explain the process and the benefits, and help you with the voucher application. You can call us on 01372 677660 or email us at