Pricing and Packages

We have a number of packages available to suit your needs, please see below for what we offer – if you need a little assistance we’re only a phone call away! Please note that all private invoices must be paid no later than 7 days before the appointment date or the booking will be vacated. 

Legal Aid

SF&MS hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency (LAA). We can provide legally aided mediation for those clients who meet the LAA criteria for eligibility.

If you would like more information about the criteria, and to use the online eligibility calculator, click on the following link to the government site:

If you are eligible for legal aid, then mediation for you will be free for the entirety of your case, barring a significant change of your circumstances. If you are eligible for mediation from the start of the process, the other party will also receive their MIAM free of charge, as well as one free session of mediation.

Private Fees, Per Person

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)


Mediation Meeting
1.5 hours


Statement of Child Arrangements

(Child issues only agreement document)


Open Financial Statement

(Financial disclosure document.)


Memorandum of Understanding

(Property / Finance or All Issues agreement document)


Package Fees, Per Person

Quick Start Mediation

This is a two hour session which includes an individual meeting with the mediator for each client, as well as a first mediation session. Where a joint first meeting is appropriate this represents the most cost effective means of beginning mediation. The price INCLUDES a £50 charge for either;

The Statement of Child Arrangements, which records the details of an agreement at the end of a successful Child Only mediation process, OR;

The Open Financial Statement that is produced during an All Issues or Property and Finance mediation process. Should no document be produced during mediation £50 will be refunded. This is a discount on the non package price of either document.


Double Session.

This is a three hour mediation session with a half hour break in the middle. This may be appropriate if all necessary documentation and information has been gathered and provided by both clients, it is anticipated that more than 1.5 hours will be necessary to resolve all issues and the clients wish to minimise the number of days they need to take off for the mediation process.


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