Cancellation Policy

Legal Agreements

We hope you appreciate that once an appointment is made we require clients to do their best to keep to it. Our service incurs costs for professional mediators, administration, and telephone / IT services for every appointment made.  More importantly, if appointments are missed or cancelled at short notice, we are unable to offer those appointments to other clients.  However, we understand that occasionally clients will need to postpone or cancel their mediation session. 

If you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please let us know as early as possible. This enables us to offer the appointment to another client.   We do not charge a cancellation fee as long as we receive at least *5 working days’ notice in advance of an appointment.  Please note that 5 working days means that an appointment must be cancelled exactly a week before it is due to take place.

If a client does not attend a session that has been previously paid for and has not provided any notice, then the FULL fee will be retained by the service.

Short Notice appointments.

If a client requests a short notice appointment within five working days of the request, full payment is due immediately at the time of booking. If the session is then cancelled or postponed by a client, the 50% cancellation fee will be due.

Private Clients

If we do not receive * at least 5 working days’ notice, all clients who were due to attend the mediation will be charged 50% of the fee payable for the session. No further booking will be made unless the cancellation fee is paid.

The cancellation fee is to pay for the short notice cancellation of a session and IS NOT a contribution to any future session payment.

Clients who miss or do not attend appointments on the day with no notice prior to the day of the appointment will not be refunded and full fee will be retained.

 Legally Aided Clients

The service requires at least * 5 working days’ notice of any appointment cancellation. Please note that 5 working days means that an appointment must be cancelled exactly a week before it is due to take place.   The client cancelling the appointment will be liable to pay an Administrative Fee of £25. This charge also applies to any clients in receipt of legal aid who do not attend their appointment.

  *Working days include Monday to Friday
  *Please note this does not include public holidays and Christmas & New Year when the service is closed

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