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If one party is eligible for Legal Aid funding then both parties receive the first meeting free
Where neither party is eligible for LA funding, both parties pay a fee
The level of fee payable will be assessed at the first meeting based on gross income using the sliding scale of fees noted below.

We do not charge for child consultation meetings when they form part of the mediation process
The Sliding Scale of Fees per person is based on payment per 1.5 hours session. This our recommended time to achieve optimal results.

All Fees are inclusive of VAT @ 20%


Client Income

Hourly rate


Session fee payable incl. VAT @ 1.5 hours













































Clients with joint assets of £1m and over (net of mortgage) will be charged at Band 7 automatically  











Other Fees applicable





Initial private consultation 

Per individual, free to both if one
party is eligible for Legal Aid

£80.00 plus VAT £16.00 = £96.00


Parenting Plan

Per individual, free to those
eligible for LA

£66.67 plus vat £13.33 = £80.00



Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

One Session fee at current band rate

e.g.  Band 3 = £135

Quick Start Mediation (initial joint consultation and first mediation meeting – 2 hours) offers the best financial option for entering the mediation process. Free to both parties if just one of you is eligible for legal aid, charges apply to those who are not eligible for the second and subsequent mediation sessions. The cost is £150 (including VAT) per individual if neither party is eligible for legal aid.
Administration fees are chargeable on cancellations of 5 working days or less.

The initial consultation fee is a non refundable deposit, late cancellation (less than 5 working days) or non arrival will result in the fee being forfeit to cover administration and practitioner costs, however if the meeting is rebooked within 14 working days a reduced administration fee will be payable).

Child consultation
We offer the child consultation meeting free of charge.

  • Family disputes that are resolved through mediation are cheaper, quicker and according to academic research, less acrimonious than those that are settled through the courts."

    National Audit Office 2/3/07